Over 40 years experience in all types of car park markings – free quotes and site inspections.

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RWL Car Park Markings specialises in the application of all types of internal and external surface markings. We are experienced line marking contractors providing paint applications for supermarkets, airfields, schools, retirement villages, commercial warehouses, factories, sports clubs and hospitals and any commercial and industrial surfaces.


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Operating latest GRACO line-laser,
paint application machines.

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After-hours operational services
available – 24 hours x 7 days.
Call 027 363 9155

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40 years active road marking
industry experience.

Our Services

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Safety Markings

Safety markings are vital for workplace safety, guiding employees and visitors. They define hazard zones, walkways, and emergency routes, promoting awareness and reducing accidents. They prioritise your safety by creating an organised, secure environment.

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Car Parks

We prioritise efficient parking design to maximize spaces and enhance safety, making every visit hassle-free.

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Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are crucial in car parks, ensuring safety and organisation by preventing vehicles from encroaching on parking spaces and maintaining clear traffic lanes and pedestrian safety.
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Sports Courts

Elevate your game on our expertly marked sports courts.

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Speed Humps

Essential for safety, speed humps slow traffic and enhance security. Our installation service ensures a safer environment

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EV Bays

Lining the way ahead for a sustainable future with essential car park markings for EV Bays.

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